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Name:Deniro Corvi『Aki』
Birthdate:Jan 1

The above picture was drawn for me by a very kind anon.
Thank you, said anon, you captured him perfectly.

Once upon a time, there was a deity who made the world. But then, when all was done, they were tired and so decided to sleep. While they slept, they decided, they would split in two and allow the halves to rule in their place. And so they did, and out of the halves was born Purity and Corruption. But the two did not get along like the deity had hoped, and came to utterly despise what the other stood for.

Deniro, the Corruption Half, and Wisteria, the Purity Half, began to battle, utterly destroying all in their path in their quest to devour the other and become whole. Many lives were lost, many cities destroyed, and the deity could not awaken like the people cried for them to, for they had split in two to make the halves. Finally, though, a brave young princess stepped forward to protect her father's kingdom, and with the power handed to her by her bloodline, she sealed the two by sacrificing her own happiness. The Sealed Princess, as she came to be called, nailed herself inside a coffin and began to suffer for the rest of eternity so that the powers of the two would remain sealed, rendering them far less dangerous.

While their powers were mostly sealed, it didn't render them completely without. Deniro was left with the ability to extract souls in the form of weapons, though he quickly learned that doing this by force would damage said weapon. Their strength and how brittle they were was determined by the person the soul belonged to and their, at the time, potential for purity or corruption. He had other abilities, too, but they were limited to travel and minor shapeshifting to appear less horrifying. Meanwhile, Wisteria had the ability to purify the minds of humans, rendering them virtual zombies at her bidding. And so she began to amass and army to take down her brother while he sought out he perfect weapon. For while his sister failed to understand humanity and thus erased it, Deniro had come to embrace it and had learned why balance was good.
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